The Narrow Gate

Psychology & Spirituality

Towards a new Paradigm in Psychology and its fields

The tradition says that the Sacred Scriptures (SS) tell the Word of God, but we are not agreeing with the tradition about what “word of God” means. We find a lot of contradictions in the Bible if a person tries to take it literally; in other way, so many situations descripted are literally correct and had happened really. The problem is we cannot distinguish one from another.

Maybe, that is a wrong analysis way. In other sense, we have found the Sacred Scriptures as perceptual tools design through culture to relate with the world. Is a relation from the subject to the world (outside and inside) with focus on the subject. Like a bat, the SS let a woman or a man interact with an object that it can not be seen by itself, indeed, by its feedback.

This, leads the comprehension toward the question of “the Real”, “which is real?” In our analysis, the Archetypes disposed through the text are showing a reality in the way of suffering.

Reality 1 (R1) = “The extended paradigm” x – 1

The “extended paradigm” is an erratic world version conceived to look for comfort by Ego control and avoiding the phenomenon of limits and death. Because death is real, the representation is wrong.


Psychologist, Santa Fe, Argentina.


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