Economic Apps.

Why suffering? Because it can destroys Ego. And what else?

When we try to relate Psychology and Spirituality we want to show that this connection can create applications to present life. Occident, with Greek tradition (Plato), wants to separate science from mystic, because politic power needs to control mind for its goals. Politicians can take bodies, and maybe minds, but not souls –the last Self’s defense. Then, if the spirituality dimension disappears, there is no more immunologic system.

Let’s talk about Economics! Could we introduce “the Narrow Gate concept” in this field?
We think Economics Systems are in the wrong way looking for comfort and welfare, because the growth comes from crisis and necessity, and not by adding pleasure (this is only the beginning of the speculative economics actors –like do parasites when we eat so much sugar!). That is why stock markets growth after a war; because they have a clean land where to construct enterprises.

Looking for people suffering, necessity, and the own entrepreneur’s suffering… In our opinion, these are the ways to make our Self stronger, and this is a spiritual concept.
We can develop high psych tech apps, for example, and bring us comfort, knowledge, efficiency in scientific work but, how we have seeing through the XX century, it leads to destruction. Why do we think it is not happening again? Why are we so blind?

Businesses are good! They have built our culture, but in another way. It is a strategic decision: we can grow economically helping other people. There is no other way. It is a simple matter: (pay attention please!) all of we are going to face limits, and death; our death, the death of our loves. We can numb this situation or put it on the sight. There is no other way. That’s why we talk about the “Narrow Gate” or the “sheep gate” in Jerusalem’s Wall, where a person could pass only on knees and without any charge.

There is something hopeful there…


Psychologist, Santa Fe, Argentina.


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